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University of Washington
JULY 11th to July 15th, 2022

The First Generations Data Science Summer Institute is an in-person week-long intensive summer programming workshop to teach basic programming and data science skills to for youth. They will be able to form and work on data-driven answers to questions that interest them, along the lines of:

  1. What effect does pollution have on fish in the Duwamish River?

  2. Are endangered bird populations in Washington state increasing or decreasing?

  3. Does everyone in King and Pierce County have access to stores that sell healthy food nearby?

  4. Are voting districts drawn in a way that's fair to everyone?

  5. What are the most affordable places to buy a house in the area from Tacoma to Everett?


The students will also learn presentation skills by presenting their workshop projects to their families and communities. We will support the skills learned with weekly virtual practice meetings throughout the school year, up until the next year's summer workshop.

The First Generations Data Science Summer Institute is a joint project of Ubumwe Women Association, First Generations Enterprises, and the iSchool Office of IDEAS at the University of Washington. 

In collaboration with University of Washington this program provides computer

programming “boot camp”-style workshop experience for youth ages 10-15 from refugee and immigrant families headed by single parents. The workshop is conducted in English, and teaches students the Python computer language.


Youth Empowerment Support Group

Empowering Youth programs help youth from refugee and immigrant families develop the skills needed to prosper and realize their full potential.  Youth from refugee and immigrant families face different challenges than their parents. They often acquire language skills more quickly, but also face the challenge of being immersed in American culture and have to find a balance between their traditional culture and that of their peers. As a result of this programming, youth gain empowerment and knowledge of the educational system and receive support to help them pursue their goals.

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